Accordingly, you should be able and willing to hold your notes to maturity. It also asks for comments on a number of related topics, including the character of income or loss with respect to these instruments; the relevance of factors such as the nature of the underlying property to which the instruments are linked; the degree, if any, to which income including any mandated accruals realized by non-U. Your investment may result in a loss of some or all of your principal amount at maturity. Fees and Commissions 2. Title of Each Class of.

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The notes are linked to an unequally weighted Basket composed of Indices. The value of your notes will not be adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations between the U.

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In addition, high correlation of movements in the levels of the Indices during periods egx2-us2 negative returns among the Indices could have an adverse effect on the payment at maturity on the notes. Supplemental Use of Proceeds.

These costs include the selling commissions, the projected profits, if any, that our affiliates expect to realize for assuming risks inherent in hedging our obligations under the notes and the estimated cost of hedging our obligations under the notes. Your investment may result in a loss of etx2-ux2 or all of your principal amount at maturity. Maximum Aggregate Offering Price. Because hedging our obligations entails risk and may be influenced by market forces beyond our control, this hedging may result in a profit that is more or less than expected, or it may result in a loss.

Although Russell Investments publishes the official closing levels. Each vata total return or hypothetical payment at maturity set forth below is for illustrative purposes only and may not be the actual total return or payment at maturity applicable to a purchaser of the notes.


If the closing level of the Basket increases Consequently, our use of an internal funding rate would have an adverse effect on the terms of the notes and any secondary market prices of the notes. Fees and Commissions 2.

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If the Final Basket Value is less than the Initial Basket Value by more than the Buffer Amount, you will lose some eata all of your principal amount at maturity. Accordingly, under these circumstances, you will lose some or all of your principal amount at maturity. You should read this reopening supplement no. The historical closing levels of the Basket and the Indices should not be taken as an indication of future performance, and no assurance i–o be given as to the closing level of the Basket on the Observation Date or the closing levels of the Indices on the Observation Date.

These costs can include projected hedging profits, if any, and, in some circumstances, estimated hedging dqta and our secondary market credit spreads for structured debt issuances. An investment in the notes involves significant risks. In addition, market conditions and other relevant factors in the future may change, and any assumptions may prove to be incorrect. While the notice requests comments on appropriate transition rules and effective dates, any Treasury regulations or other guidance promulgated after consideration of these issues could materially and adversely affect the tax consequences of an investment in the notes, possibly with retroactive effect.

These hypotheticals do not reflect the fees or expenses that would be associated with any sale in the secondary market. Closing Level of the Basket:. The notes are offered to meet investor demand for products that reflect the risk-return profile and market exposure provided by the notes. The length of any such initial period reflects the structure of the notes, whether our affiliates expect to earn a profit in connection with our hedging activities, the estimated costs of hedging the notes and when these costs are incurred, as determined by JPMS.


The notes are linked to a weighted basket consisting of the following:. In calculating the Final Basket Value, an increase in the level of one of the Indices may be moderated, or more than offset, by lesser increases or declines in the levels of the other Indices.

If JPMS were to use the interest rate implied by our conventional fixed-rate credit spreads, we would expect the economic terms of rtx2-us2 notes to be more favorable to you. The notes will not be listed on any securities etx2-uw2. Any actual or potential change in our creditworthiness or credit spreads, as determined by the market for taking our credit risk, is likely to adversely affect the value of the notes.

In performing these duties, our economic interests are potentially adverse to your interests as an investor in the notes. The closing level of the Basket on the Observation Date. Title of Each Class of.

Also, there is generally less publicly available information about companies in some of these jurisdictions than there is about U. Assuming this treatment is respected, the gain or loss on your notes should be treated as long-term capital gain or loss if you hold your notes for more than a year, whether or not you are an initial purchaser of notes at the issue price.

Any sale by you prior to the Maturity Date could result in a substantial loss to you. The notes do not guarantee any return of principal.