This “issue” will not be changed or fixed. Follow him on Twitter , or befriend him on Facebook or Google Plus. To define per-user configurations Looking for advice in using c3p0 with hibernate? Seconds, effectively a time to live.

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The new implementation should be significantly better than the “traditional” Connection orscle strategy, but was added too late in the c3p To see what settings have and have not taken, scroll right to see the config information on the log line beginning Initializing c3p0 pool In particular, c3p0 provides several useful services: Any which way works the the XML configuration is most powerful, though, as it supports multiple named configurations and per-user overrides.

You might be able to get away with Slow JDBC operations are generally performed by helper threads that don’t hold contended locks. If you’ve ensured that your DataSource’s name is unique as you will generally want to do, if you intend to use C3P0Registry to find your DataSourcesyou can cp30 the convenience method pooledDataSourceByName By default, the Threads spawned by c3p0 inherit a java. All pooling is entirely transparent to users once a DataSource has been created. As this was a major change, and the old codebase had been extensively used pracle tested, this parameter was added to allow users to revert of c30 had problems.

Download c3p0-oracle-thin-extrasjar : c3p0 « c « Jar File Download

You can wrap any DataSouce using DataSource. If both parameters are greater than zero, both limits will be enforced. But are there any complications with this choice? Setting forceIgnoreUnresolvedTransactions is strongly discouraged, because if clients are not careful to commit or rollback themselves prior to closeor do not set Connection autoCommit consistently, bizarre unreproduceable behavior and database lockups can occur.


They may be set as system properties, in a c3p0. For example, if you have set maxPoolSize to 20, and if the DataSource is managing connections under two username-password pairs [the default, and one other pair established via a call to getConnection user, passwordyou should expect to see as many as 40 Connections c3l0 getNumConnectionsAllUsers.

You may opt for one-logger-per-package by setting com.

The only one of these parameters that should generally be set to a few minutes or less is maxIdleTimeExcessConnections. Then call the method rawConnectionOperationsupplying the java.

c3p0-v – JDBC3 Connection and Statement Pooling – Documentation

Configuration values in a application. The following properties affect c3p0’s JMX management interface. If acquireRetryAttempts is set to 0, c3p0 will attempt to acquire new Connections indefinitely, and calls to getConnection may block indefinitely waiting for a successful acquisition.

Implementations that do not need to override all four ConnectionCustomizer methods can extend AbstractConnectionCustomizer to inherit no-op implementations of all methods. The point of Connection pooling is to bear the cost of acquiring a Connection only once, and then to reuse the Connection many, many times.

How to configure the C3P0 connection pool in Hibernate

There are no stupid questions, there are stupids that don’t ask. If all attempts fail, any clients waiting for Connections from the DataSource will see an Exception, indicating that a Connection could not be acquired.


You can always go back to simple, slow, and robust. The number of Connections in a pool decreases whenever a pool tests a Connection and finds it to be broken see Configuring Connection Testing belowor when a Connection is expired by the pool after sitting idle for a period of time, or for being too old See Managing Pool Size and Connection Age.

Download c3p0-oracle-thin-extras- : c3p0 « c « Jar File Download

JBoss would have to translate that configuration to c3p0’s configuration properties, which I doubt JBoss knows how to do. You can ensure the reliability of your Connections by testing them, rather than by tossing them.

So if you’re seeing these messages, increasing numHelperThreads and setting maxAdministrativeTaskTime might help. Here is an example ConnectionCustomizer implementation that makes use of user-defined configuration extensions. User-specific overrides taken from a DataSource’s named configuration specified in c3p0-config.

To override the library’s built-in defaults, create a file called c3p0. C3P0 used to use reflective, dynamic proxies. For the moment, the performance impact of the logging level-checks seems very small, and it’s most flexible to compile in all the messages, and let your logging library control which are emitted. orscle