Open the cover and close it again completely The spring pushing the head is not strong enough B Check whether the screws holding the spring are loose. It is a we When the printing finishes, turn off the printer. Connect an insulation resistance meter V to the blades of the AC plug. Leakage Current Hot Check:

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Alternatively, wear a discharging wrist-strap device. Turn the printer off. Be sure to remove it prior to applying power-this is an Electric shock precaution. An electrolytic capacitor installed with the wrong polarity might explode.

After removing an ESD-equipped assembly, place it on a conductive surface such as aluminum foil to prevent accumulation of electrostatic charge. Big gear, Big motor80mm diameter super paper rollVersatile and adaptablePaper end sensor availableSm The self-test automatically ends and cuts the paper after printing the following.

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FeatureOil, water, dust proofHigh-quality thermal printer special design for kitchen condition Flexi First read the Safety Precaution section of this manual. Over the years, Accent business philosophy of quality, service, and value boxolon made the company one of the Macedonian top computer companies. Enter the code in the box below.


Maintenance Maintenance Paper dust in the heating elements may lower the print quality. This mode allows data transmission from the asynchronous printer under the control of the host bixilon.

The insulation resistance between each blade of the AC plug and accessible conductive parts see above should be greater than 1 mega-ohm.

Bixolon POS Receipt Printer SRP

After confirming that the alcohol solvent has been dried up completely, close the cover open. Minimize body motions when handling unpacked replacement ESDs. Consequently, messing around with cables is avoided which is ideal at space-limited POS terminals or highly frequented cash desks.

The internal wiring is sometimes clamped to prevent contact with thermally hot components.

Run any software program that sends data to the printer. Never allow these components to come into contact with metal or other hard objects.

The printer will print all the codes it receives in a two-column format. Since its founding, Accent’s mission has been simple: Do not change the spacing between components and the printed circuit board.


Observe the original lead dress, especially near the following areas: Lift the cover assembly B by hand and open the cover. The head and motor areas are very hot during and immediately after printing. When the printing finishes, turn off the printer. Make sure that the portion around the serviced srp-510 has not been damaged.


Whether you have a lot of money, or just enough to take care of yourself, you don’t want someone to After servicing, always check that the screws, sgp-150 and wiring have been correctly reinstalled.

Components, parts and wiring that appear to have overhead or that are otherwise damaged should be replaced with parts that meet the original specifications. Settings of the Memory Switch are stored in the NV memory: Immediately before handling any semiconductor components or assemblies, drain the electrostatic charge from your body by touching a known earth ground.

Mack sure the printer is turned off with the side of the switch. Show following block diagram. Use only an anti-static solder removal device.