The main screen has large, colorful icons denoting the Web browser, music, photos, online games, chat, and Skype. Review Sections Review Specs. ALLurGroceries , Nov 14, The Bad Low screen resolution won’t appeal to all gamers; underpowered Intel Atom CPU is far from ideal for graphics-heavy applications; high price. Above the keyboard are buttons for toggling between high-performance and battery-saving modes, turning the computer on, and launching a draggable zoom box that can magnify on-screen text up to three times. Unlike Asus’ other high-end Netbook, the Eee PC S , whose price premium is put toward design and a slim case that’s less than 1 inch thick, the N10J has a more traditional, slightly chunky Netbook chassis.

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Amazon Digital Day 2018: Best Gaming and Tech Deals

Compare These Lenovo Yoga C LiquidSpikesNov 4, The N10 has the form factor of a netbook, allowing for maximum portability, while trying to be a full laptop. Ran into the fallowing error: Overall, the N10J is solid with a good deal of flexibility and it contains a swag of useful features that should make it high on the list of netbook choices for those who want a modicum of power and excellent battery life.

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Almost every Netbook we’ve seen to date has featured the same basic setup: Review As netbook manufacturers flirt with larger screen sizes, and generally raise the bar for performance, the definition of a netbook is constantly evolving. El Netbook que quiso ser notebook. ALLurGroceriesNov 14, It’s readable, but most documents and Web pages will require some scrolling, and it’s an awkward resolution for both games and video content.


Linux on the ASUS N10 N10J

Configuring our login was easy; we just positioned our face in front of the webcam for a few seconds while the webcam captured a series of frames. Lenovo fine-tuned its n10jj for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that Even with discrete graphics enabled, N10J-A2 managed only 26 frames per second in F.

The next time we logged into our account, the computer recognized us within seconds on its first try. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Power efficient, cheap and slow Netbook single core CPU. This reimagined MacBook Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding Asus N10J, high on our list of favourite netbooks Source: It has to run Windows Vista, which it does reasonably well, but don’t expect to multi-task without a degree of lag.

I would recommend this notebook for those who would like to have a very portable, light gaming notebook with good battery time. Users can toggle the two by flipping the switch on the side of the system. If your company was looking for a netbook for corporate use, it would likely choose the N10 above the rest simply due to the comprehensive warranty and security features alone.

You’ll pay a bit more for the privilege, but the end result works for gaming on the go, as long as you don’t mind dialing down your game settings.


In line with its corporate aspirations, an So, details like letters are bigger. When it came to our usual performance and graphics benchmarks, we ran them four times to take into asis every combination of graphics card and performance mode.

With a price tag nearly 50 percent greater than other netbook models, even more when compared to new HP and Dell offerings, it seems ASUS might have priced themselves out of the consumer market with the N That’s not bad, but this endurance falls m10j of other netbooks with six-cell batteries, which have an average runtime of 5: Against Limited battery life Bulky for a Netbook.

Thoughts on the Asus N10J mini-notebook –

Our Verdict Stylish, powerful and tough, but this Netbook is trying to be too many things without excelling in any one area. The panel is firm, with no flex, and the keys asjs nicely proportioned; however, as with the N10Jc we tested, the right Shift key is shrunken, which may annoy touch typists.

The keyboard is more comfortable than all but the HP MiniNote, and the touchpad is also large. ALLurGroceriesOct 30, Visit manufacturer site for details.

ALLurGroceriesNov 12,