Like moving needle, you dimmed. Solder one side of U1 pins from the top side. Important- install bargraph array before U1. TI LM block diagram. That segment bar seems to come only on a single color, and I need the three of them. These kits are normally in stock in my Tindie store at https:

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Might as well not through something we can use!

I would know if it could be possible to make it working with a bargraph of 5 leds? First — when one column lights up the adjacent columns also significantly lights up.

Shorting pins will set the bar mode and shorting pins will set the dot mode. The most controlled and convenient test signal source is a good signal generator.

LMN – LM VU Meter Display Driver

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There also can be used a black tape around the entire collumn. Assembled dispkay in testing.

Say you run from 12V and use Red leds with 1. Ambient was 18C, so the estimates were pretty close.


We specialized in 7 segment led meetr diode,led dot matrix and other electronic components,and we have in this line for rich experience and win popular market. I am not very familiar with peak hold operation though.

I used green LEDs for negative levels, yellow for 0dB and sisplay for positive levels. Like moving needle, you dimmed. Front view- all parts except the display are on the back. In the absence of a signal gen, an audio output from a computer can be used.

We can do all kinds of sizes of 7 segment led display or OEM the product you need that can certainly suit your product,and can give you the best price.

The minimum positive rail voltage depends on the voltage of the LEDs. The solution here was to rasp the top side of the LEDs with rough file, so the light to diffuse more even. Your email address will not be published. It needs power supply.

Also is there any easy way to hold the peak LED level light for a second? For example if the LED have 1. So in the end there is no three-color bar meter that I can use for vu applications? The corner with a diagonal cut is pin one. Important- install bargraph array before U1. The color of the LEDs is your choice. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


LM3916 LED bargraph/ VU meter

Just make sure to set potentiometer R2 to 0 ohm to get the full range. The max input voltage of the LM is set to 1. Second drawback is that because of the transparency, the LEDs emit light from one point, which is not very pleasant.

The output mode can be set with 3-pin jumper JP1. I chose the schematic on page 13, fig. The schematic needs bipolar power supply to work correctly, but the negative rail can be as low as -5V or even This fits various battery monitoring applications better. Welcome to our website: It can run off higher voltage say 12V but there will be more power dissipation in the chip something like a 30C rise above ambient.